What is the advantage of water soluble fertilizer over ordinary fertilizer? April 1, 2019.

As the agent that water fertilizer unifies is popularized, water dissolves fertilizer to get everybody's attention gradually, but many people are not special to water dissolves fertilizer understanding, that water dissolves fertilizer to compare common fertilizer advantage after all where?

Water soluble fertilizer than ordinary fertilizer, the first is the composition is more comprehensive, make up for the common less fat component content or single board, combine a large number of elements, more add a lot of trace elements, nutrition more rich, if we go alone with a variety of ingredients, on the one hand, it is difficult to match well, also hard to match all, between each component is pay attention to the relationship between collaboration and mutual assistance, fee artificial at the same time, the cost of not less than the liquid fertilizer.

Second, water-soluble fertilizer has a wide range of USES. As a product fully soluble in water, it can be used as both top dressing fertilizer and leaf top fertilizer, which can adapt to all kinds of high-demand fertilization equipment and reduce the damage to the equipment. Moreover, the fertilizer utilization rate is also as high as 80%.

Thirdly, the formula is flexible and can be customized in many cases. Come down so, artificial province, fertilizer USES efficiency also to rise substantially. Moreover, the biggest benefit of water-soluble fertilizer is the improvement of fertilization technology, which pays more attention to the scientific nature of fertilization. Its final cost may be lower than that of compound fertilizer plus trace elements, but the economic benefits are better! At present, the rural agricultural labor force is very tight, and the supporting technology of water-soluble economic fertilizer application can greatly reduce the labor cost. As far as nutrient content is concerned, many of the suspended liquid fertilizers contain more than 50% NPK and are no lower than ordinary fertilizers.

Generally speaking, water-soluble fertilizer is more outstanding than ordinary fertilizer in terms of product content, product use, usage and fertilizer input.

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