Liquid fertilizer is more suitable for the development of water and fertilizer integration June 12, 2019.

Water-soluble fertilizers are solid and liquid in form. Liquid fertilizers, also known as liquid fertilizers, are liquid products containing one or more nutrients. These nutrients are dissolved as solutes in water to become solutions (liquid fertilizers) or suspended in water by suspension agents to become suspensions (suspended fertilizers). Liquid fertilizer equipment

Liquid fertilizer is the preferred fertilizer for irrigation equipment because of its advantages of rapid dissolution and uniformity. Because of its readability, it does not need stirring and dissolving, so it is very suitable for automatic fertilization. Liquid fertilizers are widely used in countries where irrigation technology and automatic fertilization are popular.

Liquid fertilizer has significant advantages, mainly manifested as:

1, not easy to damage the roots and seedlings: dissolved dilution does not cool down, easy to be evenly distributed in the soil after application, unlike solid fertilizer formation, concentrated fertilization, high salinity, dilution and cooling, damage the roots and seedlings.

2. Clean production environment: liquid fertilizer production is mainly a dissolving and mixing process, without the discharge of dust, smoke, waste water and waste residue.

3. Consistency of quality: any drop of a carefully mixed solution contains components that are identical to the rest. When suspended fertilizer is stirred into a suspended state, its composition is also highly uniform. Will not be like solid fertilizer in storage and transportation segregation and uneven quality. This property is very beneficial for the addition of trace elements. Solid granular fertilizers often have difficulty mixing large amounts of elements with trace elements.

4. Simple and easy quality detection: due to the high uniformity of liquid fertilizer quality, it is usually possible to monitor product quality by measuring specific gravity and pH value. Specific gravity and ph are very easy to determine.

5. Easy to use and high utilization rate: sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation or irrigation can be used to mix with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides and mix evenly; Easy to use, cost saving, quick effect, some famous manufacturers in the world liquid fertilizer utilization rate up to 98%. Solid fertilizer (compound fertilizer, a large number of elements) utilization rate is generally 30-40%.

6, functional fertilizer more use to increase production: liquid fertilizer is convenient to add active ingredients, plant growth regulatory substances, rare earth elements or microorganisms, easy to develop multi-functional fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer equipment

7, there is no moisture absorption and caking problem: easy to add some moisture soluble materials. For example, it is convenient to add yellow humic acid, amino acid, chelating trace elements in liquid fertilizer. These materials are difficult to add in solid fertilizers.

Liquid fertilizer equipmentLiquid fertilizer equipmentLiquid fertilizer equipmentLiquid fertilizer equipment

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