Instruction on instant soluble fertilizer/poorly soluble fertilizer/insoluble fertilizer April 10, 2019.

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Water is the carrier of fertilizer. Generally speaking, if there is no effect of water, there is no absorption of fertilizer. Water not only drives the nutrient cycle of various elements in the fertilizer, but also supplements the demand for hydrogen and oxygen. Water is the world's cheapest solvent, with a wide range of sources, no pollution. Water-soluble fertilizers can easily be absorbed and utilized by plants. However, it is generally believed that only water-soluble fertilizers can be absorbed and utilized by plants, which is a one-sided understanding.

Now I show you 3 types of soluble fertilizers.

First, Instant soluble fertilizer, also known as water-soluble fertilizer, referred to as WSF, is a mufti-component fertilizer that can be completely dissolved in water. It can be quickly dissolved in water, more easily absorbed by crops, and its absorption and utilization rate is relatively high. The key point is that it can be applied to facility agriculture such as irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, infiltration irrigation and drip irrigation to achieve integration of water and fertilizer, and to achieve the efficiency of water saving and fertilizer saving. It is more than double the absorption and utilization rate of common fertilizer. . In the growing stage of the crop, the nutrient consumption is large and fast, and we need to adopt the water-soluble fertilizer that “quickly fast-fixing and immediate improvement”.

Second, poorly soluble fertilizer

The absorption rate of poorly soluble fertilizers is low and the effect is slow. Insoluble does not mean insoluble. There are many elements that are hardly soluble in water but soluble in acids and salts. In the dormant state of the crop, in order to prolong the duration of the fertilizer and avoid the “short, fierce and fast” of the fertilizer, the manufacturer adopts a special process, adding a slow release factor or a sulfur coating to the fertilizer to control the nutrient. Release speed. For example, phosphorus is divided into water-soluble, cerium-soluble and insoluble. Water-soluble phosphate fertilizer is easily absorbed and utilized by crops. Generally, it is applied as top dressing. The soluble phosphate fertilizer can be decomposed and absorbed by the acidic substances secreted by plant roots. Base fertilizer application. For example, organic fertilizer can be dissolved by water, but it cannot be dissolved by water. It must be gradually decomposed by acidification in the soil to be absorbed and utilized by crops. Therefore, it has a long-lasting effect and is generally applied as a base fertilizer.

Third, insoluble fertilizer

Fertilizers that are insoluble in water but soluble in acids and salts can be applied as a base fertilizer and should not be applied as a top dressing. Fertilizers that do not dissolve in water, are not soluble in acids and salts, and cannot be applied. For example, organic fertilizers made from weathered coal have an organic matter content of up to 70%. However, if they are not subjected to ammoniation or acidification, they can not be fully absorbed and utilized only by the secretion of plant roots. Therefore, we judge the quality of a fertilizer can not only look at the level of the content, to examine the source of its raw materials, the mix of elements, the process of the process, the rate of absorption.

Xinyuan(Sinran) packing Technology Company

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