Advantages of Liquid Fertilizer June 18, 2019.

What kind of fertilizer is liquid fertilizer? What are the advantages of liquid fertilizer?

With the continuous development of modern agricultural technology, the agricultural industry is also innovating. The types of fertilization have also changed from traditional fertilizers to more efficient and green organic fertilizers. At the same time, the dosage and usage have been greatly improved. What is liquid fertilizer? fertilizer? What are the advantages of liquid fertilizer?
What is liquid fertilizer?

Liquid fertilizer, a new type of liquid fertilizer, also known as fluid fertilizer, clear liquid fertilizer, etc., contains one or more nutrients. At present, it is divided into a large amount of elemental elements, NPK, different proportions, one is single and A variety of trace elements clear liquid fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer advantages

1. High content, liquid fertilizer due to high technical requirements of production technology, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients up to 600g / L or more, for this content is significantly better than traditional powder or granular fertilizer, clear solution and stable shape, low temperature resistance.

2. Chelating elements, the nutrients in liquid fertilizer are chelating trace elements and trace elements in EDTA polychelating state, and the trace elements in the chelate state are obviously superior to the traditional elements in terms of absorption and utilization.

3. Neutral fertilizer, acid-base buffering, effective adjustment of soil pH. The product stock solution PH=7, contains a variety of acid-base buffer ions, can adjust the pH of the soil, long-term use, whether acidic or alkaline soil, can be developed to neutral.

4. High efficiency, liquid fertilizer is the first in both dissolution rate and fertilization efficiency, and the amount is small compared with traditional fertilizer, which greatly saves the cost of mu.

How to use liquid fertilizer

1. Spraying, the most common method of liquid fertilizer is foliar spraying, which uses the photosynthetic respiration of plant foliage to transport nutrients directly to the crop fruit, thereby achieving nutrient supply.

2. Drip irrigation, high efficiency of drip irrigation, liquid fertilizer is also suitable, the biggest outstanding feature is to avoid blocking the drip irrigation belt like powder fertilizer, easy to dissolve and dilute.

3. Sprinkler irrigation and sprinkler irrigation are widely used in plain hills and other areas. High efficiency will not cause deep leakage and surface loss, and the amount of water sprinkling can be adjusted according to the water demand of crops, thus greatly saving irrigation water consumption. It has many advantages such as water saving, production increase, labor saving and land saving.

4. Dashing, rushing in the greenhouse to grow vegetables and other crops and other crops used most, fertilization is convenient and quick, labor-saving, and the absorption rate of fertilizer is high.

5. Injection, the use of fertilization guns in orchards to provide nutrients for fruit trees is more common, saving fertilizer and high efficiency.

Liquid fertilizer package can be bottle type of 100ml to 5000ml and barrel type of 10L to 50L, accordingly, Sinranpack provide liquid fertilizer filling machine of bottle filling and barrel filling.

Automatic liquid fertilizer filling machine

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