Quantitative packaging machine is widely used in chemical fertilizer industry May 22, 2019.
The daily operation of chemical fertilizer production industry is inseparable from the support of advanced equipment. Quantitative packaging of chemical fertilizer is an important part of the whole process of chemical fertilizer production. With the progress of modern society and the improvement of people's requirements, fertilizer enterprises have higher requirements on efficiency and accuracy of fertilizer packaging.

Quantitative packaging machine is suitable for automatic quantitative packaging equipment in the fertilizer industry, the equipment contains a number of domestic and international advanced technology design, driven by variable frequency motor screw pusher to the packaging bag for feeding, by adjusting the feeding speed of the feeder to achieve the control of packaging speed and precision. After continuous improvement, the equipment has been widely used in the fertilizer industry.

Anhui xinyuan packaging technology co., LTD. Fertilizer packaging machine quantitative packaging machine is favored by customers because of the high degree of automation of quantitative packaging machine. The fast working efficiency can greatly reduce the labor input in packaging, reduce labor cost and labor intensity, and further improve the automation production efficiency of the enterprise. Moreover, the quantitative packing scale adopts the computer measuring device, the weighing is accurate, the performance is stable, does not need to carry on the weighing and measuring again after the packing, reduces in the past the chemical fertilizer packing work procedure and the time, may carry on the automatic bagging processing when the packing bag achieves the predetermined weight. With such a quantitative packaging machine, many enterprises build the fertilizer production workshop into a whole automatic processing, transportation and packaging production line on this basis, which not only makes the fertilizer production orderly, but also greatly improves the production efficiency. It is the necessary advanced equipment for the transformation and upgrading of the fertilizer industry in the new era.

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