Bulk blending fertilizer process May 13, 2019.

Due to rising energy prices, buld blending fertilizer production was promoted. The most popular production and application area are in the United States, Japan, Canada, China and Brazil. There are 8,000 BB fertilizer manufacturers in the United States, and the output accounts for 70% of the fertilizer consumption. China's BB fertilizer manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Tianjin and Jiangxi, with an annual total output of only over 500,000 tons.

BB fertilizer is the direction of fertilizer development in the future.

Its advantages are:

1. comprehensive nutrient, high concentration, and significant increase in production, and targeted. Its total nutrient is generally above 52%. At present, the active ingredients of domestic compound fertilizers sold on the market are mostly around 25%, and the total amount of imported compound fertilizers is 45%-48%, but the proportion of imported compound fertilizers (N: P2O5: K2O = 15:15:15) The proportion of phosphorus is too high, resulting in a large waste of nutrients. The nutrient-to-distribution ratio of BB special fertilizer is based on the characteristics of crop fertilizer requirements, and is based on the local soil nutrient supply status, which is both scientific and targeted.

2. Easy processing, low production cost and no pollution.

3. The formula is flexible and can be flexibly changed according to the conditions of crop nutrition, soil fertility and yield level, which makes up for the shortcomings of general general-purpose compound fertilizer which is easy to cause a certain nutrient deficiency or excess due to the fixed nutrient distribution ratio. BB fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer and top dressing. Because of its good solubility, it should be applied as a base fertilizer. It should not be applied to deep soil layers. It is not advisable to apply BB fertilizer for fruits, tea, vegetables, etc. The roots of the crops are 3 to 5 cm, and the soil is applied after the application. The amount of application per mu is only 60% of the imported compound fertilizer.

Processing Equipment

Equipment composition

The complete set of BB fertilizer (mixed fertilizer) equipment is mainly composed of automatic batching and mixing packaging host, control cabinet, conveyor, sewing machine, air pump, motor, etc.

The equipment has various specifications, the output per hour is 3-6T, 7-9 T, 10-14T, 15-18T, 20-24T, 25-30T, etc.; according to the mixed materials, 2 to 8 materials.

Working principle

The equipment is produced in the following order:

Raw materials → Bathing → Mixing → Packing → Sewing→ finished product

Main feature

1. The structure is installed in the form of steel frame type and floor type. The installation method is flexible and the floor space is small;

2. This equipment adopts computer automatic metering and batching, with good batching precision, stable quality, good effect, small equipment investment, economical and practical, high degree of mechanization and automation;

3. The entire production line is reasonably configured and versatile, suitable for all types of enterprises;

4.  The standard type complete fertilizer project designed by Xinyuan(sinranpack) is the best technical solution, and it is in the leading position in the international and domestic industry;

5. The casing and lining of the whole equipment are made of industrial grade stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and has a long service life;

6. The control cabinet is made of anti-corrosion paint, which can be applied to the production environment of chemical and fertilizer with harsh conditions;

7.  Unique anti-seismic device ensures accurate measurement, stable operation under more complicated working conditions, fast batching speed and high precision;

8. Modify the internal code of the drop at any time, adjust the number and automatically track the zero position; store multiple recipes, set them at any time according to the needs, and realize automatic control by the electronic control device;

9.  Multiple openings, easy to clean and clean, easy to operate and easy to maintain;

10. As leading supplier of bulk blending fertilizer production equipment, Xinyuan(sinranpack) has hundreds of customer site that you can visit in China.

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