Does bacterial fertilizer have a shelf life? How many years? July 9, 2019.

Does bacterial fertilizer have a shelf life? How many years? Can the expired ones still be used? How to use it exactly? Let's find out!

1.Does the bacterial fertilizer have a shelf life? How long is the shelf life of bacterial fertilizer?

Bacterial fertilizer is also called microbial fertilizer (including: microbial agents, bio-organic fertilizers, and compound microbial fertilizers). This fertilizer mainly acts on microbial active bacteria. The focus here is to emphasize this "live" word. It is like living alive and having a life. Therefore, the general microbial fertilizer packaging bags must also have the standard shelf life and production date.

2. How long is the shelf life of the bacteria fertilizer?

The shelf life of bacterial fertilizer is generally up to 2 years.

3. The above said, the bacterial fertilizer has a shelf life, so the expired bacterial fertilizer can still be used?

First of all, if the bacterial fertilizer expires, don't use it, because the expired bacterial fertilizer will be greatly reduced. This is because most of the bacteria have expired after the active bacteria have passed the expiration date and died. This bacterial fertilizer loses its important effect. Strictly speaking, the closer the bacterial fertilizer should be to the date of production, the better! It is best to apply it in the same year of the year, because once the bacterial fertilizer is opened, the active bacteria are those that are invisible to the naked eye and start to act, and begin to evaporate, although the effective number of bacteria in the fertilizer is several hundred thousand, hundreds of millions. But who can really work in the soil, no one knows this!

4. So we need to pay attention to the following points when using bacterial fertilizer:

(1) It is best to use the bacterial fertilizer after opening, and the used fertilizer must be sealed and cannot be exposed to the Air. Otherwise, the beneficial bacteria will affect the fertilizer when they are exposed to carbon dioxide.

For example: Granular biological fertilizer. This bacterial fertilizer is generally an out-of-stock. That is, after the fertilizer is granulated, a layer of bacteria is wrapped in the outer layer. If you buy this kind of fertilizer, you can do it yourself. Just take a portion of the sample and put it on the outside. After waiting for 24-48 hours, compare it with the product in the sealed package. You will find that there is a significant change in the size and color of the two fertilizers. The exposed bacterial fertilizer particles will be smaller than the sealed package. This is because the outer layer of this outer layer is volatilized. It also shows that you are buying a fertilizer that is really bacteria. If there is no change, you are not buying bacteria and bacteria without bacteria!

(2) The application of the bacterial fertilizer is preferably carried out on a cloudy day, or in the absence of the sun in the morning or afternoon, and the ultraviolet rays are not very strong. Because super strong ultraviolet rays will kill the bacteria.

(3) Whether it is top dressing or base fertilizer, the soil fertilizer should be covered immediately after it is used up. Prevent active bacteria from experiencing air volatilization and affect fertilizer efficiency!

The above is about the shelf life of the bacterial fertilizer and the precautions for use. Most of the main focus is on granular fertilizer, but many problems also apply to the fertilizer of powder form. Bacterial fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer. The price of the fertilizer is not low, but its effect can never be matched.

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