Features of semi automatic powder packing machine July 26, 2019.

As a packing solution supplier, Xinyuan (sinranpack) can provide fully automatic packing machine for customers and also semi automatic packing machine for low capacity or less budget required customer.

semi automatic powder packing machine

We have semi automatic powder packing machine for flour, starch etc food or chemical materials

Packing range: 10g-5kg

Speed: 300-800bags/hour

Accuracy: ±0.3%

Power: 1.5KW


The control system is industrial PLC with strong anti-interference and no crash.

The operation is local language touch screen operation, all kinds of parameters are clear at a glance, simple and convenient, suitable for new workers to use, easy to teach, easy to learn, easy to guide.

Weighing module adopts industrial-grade special module, which solves the problem of instability of electronic scale, even 0.1g can be stable and unchanged.

Mixing motors are maintained-free, noise-free gear reduction motors made in Taiwan.

The feeding motor adopts three-phase digital stepping motor with high speed and low noise, and the speed regulation is convenient and simple (note: servo motor can also be used).

Everyone can use foolish and intelligent operating software.

Fast-fitting clamps are used to connect all kinds of connectors.

Transparent silo, the material operation status is clear at a glance. At the same time, the level detection switch can be installed not only in the silo, but also on the outside side to prevent the failure of the level switch.

The warehouse can be opened, and the warehouse can be cleaned and maintained without dismantling it, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves labor efficiency.


(1) It can be cleaned at any time and at will, without dead angle, within ten seconds.

(2) The relative position between the agitator and the measuring screw can be adjusted conveniently, so that the packing accuracy can be optimized.

(3) Maintenance and repair of agitator, measuring screw, long shaft and other components can be carried out conveniently.

High precision processing means, perfect mechanical structure, so that the motor, long axis, silo, measuring screw, cup and other components to achieve a high degree of concentricity: (1) improve the efficiency of operation. (2) Reduce the wear of measuring screw. (3) It greatly reduces the centrifugal failure of measuring screw caused by moving, disassembling, cleaning, long running or agitating operation of the machine.

Synchronized stirring function can solve the problem of leakage of a large part of dry, loose and fine materials.

The packing of small particulate matter can be realized by choosing the feeding mode of centrifugal bucket.

For some special materials, different cylinder leak-proof devices can be added.

Photoelectric induction cutting mode is compatible with pedal switch cutting mode.

Install mobile casters with brakes to facilitate the operation of women workers.

Humanized design, as far as possible to avoid the fatigue of workers.

It can be equipped with handwheel lifting mechanism to adjust the height of the machine.

There are two kinds of measurement methods (volume measurement and weight measurement), which can be changed at any time: screw cutting, electronic weighing feedback (small specifications); screw cutting, electronic weighing directly, while cutting, weighing, 1000 grams packaging accuracy can reach 1 gram (suitable for large packaging).

1. Quantitative methods are generally available in the following cases:

Materials with good fluidity and uniform specific gravity, such as glucose, flour, starch, small crystals and small particles.

Small size bags, small caliber bottles.

Packing accuracy requirements are not very strict, the way of weighing is acceptable.

2. Fixed weighing may be considered in the following cases:

Material with poor fluidity, large variation of specific gravity and large moisture content, such as mianbai sugar, Camellia oleifera, water-soluble fertilizer, manganese and zinc, etc.

Large size bags, large caliber bottles.

Packing accuracy is required.
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