Application guide for liquid fertilizer packing and filling machine August 1, 2019.

Liquid filling machine is used to fill all kinds of liquids, including all kinds of drinks, medicines and so on. Because the filling is liquid, so the liquid filling machine containers must be kept clean, the use of the filling containers must be strictly inspected and cleaned, can not make the filling of the beverage is contaminated.

Before each operation of the filling machine, the water of 0 ~ 1℃ should be used to reduce the temperature of the filling machine tank and pipeline. When the filling temperature exceeds 4℃, the temperature should be lowered before the filling operation. The use of heat preservation tank, constant temperature irrigation, so that the material in the specified time to maintain a certain constant temperature, so as not to cause the filling machine because of temperature changes too much and work instability. In addition, the filling equipment is best isolated from other equipment, the lubrication part of the filling machine and the filling material part should prevent cross-contamination, the lubrication of the conveyor belt to use special soapy water or lubricating oil. In addition to cleaning the filling machine, it is necessary to keep the filling workshop clean and tidy. Because the most taboo in the production process due to the quality of the filling machine itself lead to the production line can not run normally, so when using the filling machine should pay attention to sterilization, ensure clean, low temperature filling. The best way to ensure the biological stability sterilization of bottled drinks in the production process is to control the sterilization time and temperature, to ensure the final effect, but also to avoid the sterilization time is too long or the temperature is too high, reduce the oxidation of drinks, when the sterilization should be cooled as soon as possible so that the temperature does not exceed 35℃. Low-temperature filling is the minimum requirement for beverage filling.

Generally speaking, beverage is not easy to foam in low-temperature environment, which is conducive to filling. Keep the pipeline of liquid filling machine clean. All the pipelines, especially those that come into direct or indirect contact with materials, should be kept clean. Ensure that the filling machine is clean, scrub and sterilize the material tank, and ensure that the parts in contact with the material are free of scale and bacteria.liquid fertilizer filling machine

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