How to choose the right macroelement water soluble fertilizer August 5, 2019.

Macroelement water-soluble fertilizer is a multi-component fertilizer that can be completely dissolved in water. It is not only more easily absorbed by crops, but also has a relatively high absorption and utilization rate, so it is very popular in fertilizer industry. However,the phenomenon of shoddy and inferior quality often appears in the fertilizer market. In order to reduce the chance of being deceived, Xinyuan now show you how to choose the right fertilizer.

1.Check the content of macroelements and trace elements on the packaging bag.

According to the standard of macroelement water-soluble fertilizer, the single nutrient content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should not be lower than 4%, and the sum of these three should not be lower than 50%. If  one of the macroelement is marked on the package is less than 4%. The sum of the three elements is less than 50%, indicating that such products are unqualified. The content of trace elements refers to the sum of the contents of copper, iron, manganese, zinc, boron and molybdenum. The product should contain at least one trace element, and the single trace element with a content of not less than 0.05% should be included in the trace element content.

2.Check the labeling of various specific nutrients on the bag.

High-quality macroelement of water-soluble fertilizers are marked with clear guarantees (including macroelements and trace elements), and are all single-labeled with a clear nutrient content. The nutrient content of informal manufacturers generally appears as the sum of several elements > 1 percent. If so marked, the product is irregular.

3. Check the product formula and registered crop.

macroelement water-soluble fertilizer is a kind of formula fertilizer. High-quality water-soluble fertilizers generally have several formulas, and can find suitable formulas from seedling stage to harvesting. If the package clearly states that it is a special fertilizer for a certain crop, one or two formulas are used in the world, and such practices are not formal. Formal fertilizer registration crops are one or several crops, and for unregistered crops, there is a need to use local experience.

4. Check if there are product implementation standards, product generic names, and fertilizer registration certificates.

Generally speaking, the fully water-soluble fertilizer, in fact, its product name is a large number of elements of water-soluble fertilizer, the general implementation standard is NY1107-2010, if the packaging does not appear this standard, it is not a fully water-soluble fertilizer. Many of the fully water-soluble fertilizer packagings are marked with GB, indicating that such products are unqualified. In addition, it depends on whether there is a fertilizer registration certificate number. If there is any doubt about the product, you can check the fertilizer registration number on the Internet, the qualified large amount of water-soluble fertilizer, the fertilizer registration certificate number and the manufacturer can find it. If not, the product is unqualified.

5. Check if there is no anti-counterfeiting mark.

The water-soluble fertilizer produced by regular manufacturers has anti-counterfeiting marks on the packaging bags. It is the “identity card” of fertilizers. The anti-counterfeiting marks on each package of fertilizers are different. After scraping, enter the numbers online or by telephone. You can know the true and false of the fertilizer. The presence or absence of anti-counterfeit labels on the packaging bags is an important indicator for judging the quality of the fertilizers. Many unqualified products generally do not have anti-counterfeiting labels.

6. Check the packaging marked with heavy metal content.

The heavy metal ion content of a large number of elemental water-soluble fertilizers produced by regular manufacturers is lower than the national standard and is clearly marked. If the fertilizer packaging bag is not marked with heavy metal content, please use it with caution.

7. Pay attention to dissolution.

Dissolving the fertilizer in water is an important method to distinguish the quality of the water-soluble fertilizer. The high-quality, fully water-soluble fertilizer dissolves rapidly in water, and the solution is clear and free of residue and sediment. If the fertilizer is not completely dissolved in the water, there is residue, indicating that the fertilizer quality is not very good.

8. Last but not the least, appearance.

Good quality water-soluble fertilizer products have uniform particles and are crystalline. If you see particles of different sizes, especially similar to compound fertilizer particles, do not buy it.

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