DCS-50 fertilizer packing machine detailed introduction March 26, 2019.

DCS-50 series semi automatic fertilizer packing machine

DCS-50 series semi automatic fertilizer packing machine is a high-tech product of mechatronics. It is suitable for automatic measurement of granular and fluffy loose materials in grain, feed, fertilizer, chemical and other industries. It is usually used in semi-automatic packaging with 5~50kg Packaging line.

DCS-50 semi automatic fertilizer packing machine is equipped with belt conveyor and sewing machine. It is often used for larger dose packaging of 5~50kg size, using plastic bag, manual bagging, automatic bagging, metering, filling, bagging, conveying. The auxiliary sewing station automatically slits the seam to complete the semi-automatic packaging process.

Automatic control process: In the automatic state, after manual bagging, touch the micro switch, clamp the bag cylinder to move, hold the bag tightly, the discharge door automatically closes, automatically peels and clears; the feeding mechanism is fast, medium and slow. The three flow rates are continuously fed to the measuring bucket in sequence, and the pressure sensor converts the weight of the material entering the measuring bucket into a corresponding electrical signal, and sends it to the meter for data processing. The change of the weight value of the material and the action process can be seen from the panel display. After the set target weight is reached, the feeding process ends, and the signal indicator light is turned on. After the feeding cylinder is closed, the discharging cylinder in the lower part of the measuring bucket moves, the discharging door is opened, and the material is filled into the packaging bag by its own weight. After the discharge is completed, the discharge door is closed, and the bagging mechanism automatically opens and unloads the package, and one working cycle ends. The control meter automatically enters the next work cycle.

This device has the following features:

1. High-precision sensor and high-intelligence weighing controller provide high measurement accuracy and stable performance.

2. Large and small secondary feeding, automatic correction of drop, zero automatic tracking, overshoot detection and suppression.

3. The self-test function in the analog state can realize fault self-diagnosis and facilitate maintenance and overhaul.

4. The forced execution function in the manual state, once the automatic control process fails, as an emergency measure, the entire packaging process can be completed manually without interrupting the packaging operation.

5. The number of packages and the amount of packages are automatically counted.

6. Adopting famous brand pneumatic actuator, the cylinder inlet and outlet pressures are adjustable, and the work is more reliable and pollution-free. The contact with the material is made of stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food hygiene, corrosion resistance and long service life of the equipment.

7. Safety design, pneumatic components, electrical appliances, instruments are safely protected to ensure equipment and personal safety.

8. User-friendly design. When the packaging amount is changed, the height of the conveyor, the height of the sewing machine, and the position of the guardrail are easily adjusted; the conveyor is provided with a back switch, and the second sewing can be returned for sewing the defective package.

As a professional fertilizer packing solution supplier, Xinyuan (sinranpack) can also provide our valued customer full packing line as per following process or customized design process

Semi automatic production line:

Semi automatic production line

Fully Automatic packing line

Fully Automatic packing line

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