The changes brought by Smart intelligent packaging production line to fertilizer companies March 20, 2019.

With increasing demand on fertilizers and the higher cost on human labor, more and more fertilizer intelligent packaging production lines are concerned by fertilizer companies.

fertilizer packaging production line

The fertilizer packaging production line can be subdivided into granular fertilizer automatic batching packaging production line; powder fertilizer automatic batching packaging production line,liquid fertilizer automatic batching packaging production line. In terms of composition and structure, the main components of the intelligent fertilizer packaging production line equipment include batching mixing system and downstream packing and Palletizing system. Batching mixing system includes unloading, feeding, storage equipment, raw material batching equipment, mixing equipment, lifting, conveying equipment, dust removal equipment, total control cabinet and production line total control system. The downstream packing and Palletizing system includes: finished product metering equipment, automatic bagging machine, automatic sewing machine, automatic carton opening machine, automatic cartoning system, automatic sealing machine, automatic strapping machine, conveying system, robot palletizing system.

intelligent fertilizer packaging production line

The intelligent fertilizer packaging production line can realize the fully automated production of weighing ingredients, mixing evenly, storing materials, conveying materials, automatic subcontracting, automatic packing and palletizing. It is suitable for intelligent various formulations fertilizer packaging production line; can also be applied to veterinary drugs. , feed, Chinese medicine powder automatic batching, mixing, packaging system; granule, powder, fluid automatic metering packaging machine; seasoning, hot pot material processing and packaging complete production line; liquid, viscous body, paste quantitative Filling; automatic control of the entire production line through intelligent program control, can achieve continuous operation, with fault alarm, display and automatic chain stop function, can also be equipped with communication interface according to user needs, real-time automatic packaging palletizing production line monitoring, remote diagnostics and networked management. In terms of packaging form, in addition to woven bags, paper bags, plastic bags, it is also suitable for automatic packaging of various box and barrels, such as cartons, cardboard drums, iron drums, etc. Can be widely used in chemical, fertilizer, grain, feed, and other industries of pellets, powders, flakes, blocks, liquids and other products measurement packaging, testing, coding labeling, palletizing, winding and other processes automated packaging. At the same time, after the bulk material is packaged by the automatic weighing and packaging machine, it is sorted by the conveying production line, turned to sort, accelerates the buffering, and then automatically and orderly loaded into the carton in a certain amount, and is finished by the flattening machine. The automatic sealing mechanism seals the carton as required, the automatic strapping machine carries out the strapping, and finally be transported out.

packaging equipment production line

This kind of packaging equipment production line can meet the requirements of production and use after being put into use in many well-known fertilizer production enterprises in China like Shandong Kingenta, Stanley, SKF etc.. The future fertilizer intelligent packaging production line will gradually be applied to various fertilizer enterprises. While the future is mature, more technical details and customer experience should be noticed by the production enterprises. For example, the technical performance is stable and updated, the process pays attention to science and human control, and has strong adaptability to space, low long-term running cost, convenient maintenance, easy cleaning, low failure rate and long service life.

packaging equipment production line

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