Why are more and more people using water soluble fertilizer? September 10, 2019.
Why are more and more people using water soluble fertilizer?

Water soluble fertilizer

It is a quick-acting fertilizer with good water solubility and no residue. It can be completely dissolved in water and can be directly absorbed and utilized by the roots and leaves of crops. The use of water and fertilizer, with water and fertilizer, achieves the integration of water and fertilizer. Its effective absorption rate is more than double that of ordinary fertilizers, reaching 80-90%; and the fertilizer efficiency is fast, which can solve the nutritional needs of high-yield crops in the rapid growth period. The water requirement of the drip irrigation system is only 30% of that of ordinary fertilizer, and the application of fertilizer can be done almost without labor, which greatly saves labor costs.

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Advantages of water soluble fertilizer

First, adequate nutrition, significant fertilizer effect

Compared with traditional compound fertilizers, the biggest advantage of water-soluble fertilizers is that they have various nutrients required for the growth of different crops, such as iron, manganese, zinc, copper and calcium. Because most of the nutrients contained in the traditional compound fertilizer formula are only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, it is not enough to meet the basic needs of most economic crops, and water-soluble fertilizer can not only improve specific nutrients, but also improve crop quality and reduce Physiological diseases have a great help, so at present, water-soluble fertilizers are gradually applied to the cultivation of economic crops, and the effect is remarkable.

Second, energy saving and environmental protection, high utilization rate

For the production and use of water-soluble fertilizers, the degree of pollution to the environment is lower than that of compound fertilizers. Formal water-soluble fertilizer production enterprises must have a set of production pollution purification systems that meet the standards, and with advanced production technology, the pollution generated will be less and less; the water-soluble fertilizer contains less metal elements and chlorides than traditional compound fertilizers. Avoid soil nutrient imbalance and structural damage. In the process of application, the water-soluble fertilizer not only saves agricultural water, but also greatly reduces the input of human resources, saving time and high efficiency. Because water-soluble fertilizer can change a variety of methods according to different crops, so that the fertilizer can directly contact the crops directly, reducing the waste of fertilizer, so the utilization rate is much higher than the traditional compound fertilizer.

In the process of fertilization of water soluble fertilizer, in order to achieve the best effect, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of water-soluble fertilizer to master certain fertilization techniques.

1, to avoid direct application, to take a second dilution method.

Because the water-soluble fertilizer is different from the general compound fertilizer, the farmers can not use the conventional fertilization method, resulting in uneven fertilization, the phenomenon of burning seedlings, seedlings and seedlings weakening, secondary dilution to ensure uniform fertilizer, and improved fertilizer utilization. rate.

2. Strictly control the amount of fertilizer applied.

The water-soluble fertilizer has higher nutrient content than the general compound fertilizer, and the amount is relatively small. Because of its fast-acting effect, it is difficult to remain in the soil for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the amount of fertilizer, avoid the loss of fertilizer, that is, reduce the economic benefits of fertilization, and fail to achieve the goal of high yield, high quality and high efficiency.

3. Try to use it alone or in combination with non-alkaline pesticides.

For example, when vegetables are deficient in deficiency or root growth is poor, many farmers use water-soluble fertilizers to alleviate them. Remind farmers that water soluble fertilizer should be applied alone or mixed with non-alkaline pesticides to prevent metal ions from reacting to produce sediment, causing leaf damage or phytotoxicity.

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