Congratulations to shanxi dayu biological new intelligent veterinary drug production line successfully passed the GMP certification March 15,2019.

Veterinary drug production quality management standard (GMP for short) is a mandatory requirement for the rationality of the production process, the applicability of production equipment and the accuracy and standardization of production operations. On April 20, 2018, the general office of the ministry of agriculture and village issued document no. 14 [2018] of the agricultural affairs office, informing the implementation of the GMP inspection and acceptance evaluation standards for new production lines of veterinary powders, dispersants and premix. The newly revised GMP inspection and acceptance assessment standards for animal powder, bulk agent and premix production line involve 12 items and 219 items, among which plant facilities, equipment and production management account for nearly 50% of the total inspection items. Veterinary drug production enterprises through GMP acceptance of great significance!

The experts conducted a strict, comprehensive and systematic review of dayu biology, and all the five production lines were highly praised by the expert group and passed the acceptance. The veterinary drug preparation production line approved by dayu biological includes powder/premix, powder, final sterilization small-volume injection (including extraction of traditional Chinese medicine)/oral solution (including extraction of traditional Chinese medicine).

Acceptance success means in the new "new veterinary powder, powder, premix production line evaluation standard GMP inspection acceptance", under the regulations of the whole process of dayu biological new dust-free, automation, digital "powder scattered in advance" veterinary drug preparation production line smoothly completed, marked the dayu in the standard, specification, quality, intelligent production, veterinary drug production to usher in intelligent manufacturing new era!

Anhui xinyuan company since its inception has been adhering to the letter to the "letter to the sincere, constant to reach the yuan's business philosophy, market-oriented, always leading the technological innovation in the forefront of science and technology. The company's automatic batching, mixing, metering, filling and packing and palletizing system for liquid, powder and granular polymorphic materials has been widely applied in the pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, feed, seasoning and other industries, truly realizing intelligent and unmanned operations. For the customer enterprises to reduce the production and labor costs, its products good technical performance and perfect service by the vast number of users throughout the country enterprises praise.

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