Liquid fertilizer equipment configuration plan with annual output of 20,000-50,000 tons April 24,2023.

Xinyuan Technology recommended this period for our customers is: annual output of 20,000 to 50,000 tons of liquid fertilizer equipment configuration scheme.

The production module section is: 

feeding + automatic batching + automatic chelating + automatic filling + automatic sealing + automatic coding + automatic labeling + automatic sealing + robot palletizing. 

This scheme is a set of "double production line" automation equipment scheme which can be filled and bottled and barked containers. It is suitable for large and medium-sized fertilizer production enterprises or fertilizer manufacturers with high requirements on production capacity and product type to purchase. This set of equipment investment amount of more than 2 million yuan, equipment and equipment on the plant structure and storey have certain requirements, device space needs to meet the design planning of each section of equipment hierarchical layout linkage, use area of about 1500 square meters, is a set of "high version" of the automatic liquid fertilizer production equipment system.

The scheme is to mix raw materials of different formulas in accordance with different ratios, aggregate raw materials and granular raw materials, equipped with automatic crushing and crushing system, and then automatically unload to the reaction kettle, through the stirring chelation, emulsification and filtration of impurities, into the finished product storage tank, finished liquid materials through the pump into the filling machine for automatic metering filling. There are two, four, six, eight kinds of filling machines with different number of filling rods to choose from. The filling rods can be lifted up and down while filling. They are equipped with anti-drip and anti-wire drawing devices.

The bottle filling system is suitable for filling liquid fertilizer products in the capacity range of 100-1000ml. When the weight of the bottle reaches the set value, the filling will be stopped automatically. Under the drive of the conveying system, the bottle will be removed to the automatic capping capping, aluminum foil sealing, jet labeling and sealing packing section to complete the finished products. The barrel filling system is suitable for filling liquid fertilizer products in square, round, wide mouth and small mouth barrels in the capacity range of 5-30L. It can automatically complete different procedures such as positioning into the barrel, weighing and filling, capping and pressing, coding tracing and robot coding.

This set of liquid fertilizer equipment configuration scheme with annual output of 20,000-50,000 tons recommended by Xinyuan Technology for the majority of fertilizer industry customers, Can fill a large number of elements water soluble fertilizer, medium element water soluble fertilizer, trace element water soluble fertilizer, amino acid water soluble fertilizer, humic acid water soluble fertilizer, potassium fulvic acid water soluble fertilizer, biogas slurry fertilizer, liquid organic fertilizer, liquid microbial fertilizer, liquid seaweed fertilizer, liquid fish protein fertilizer and other different kinds of liquid fertilizer products. This scheme adopts fully automated equipment system from the front batching section to the back end filling and palletizing section. It has two production lines of "one bottle and one barrel". It has a wide range of filling specifications, convenient replacement of bottle type and bucket type, high degree of standardization and wide coverage of product types.

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